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June 29th, 2020 12:03 PM
Appraisal courtesy from AAA-Appraisal Co.   During this general time of Covid-19 we ask that the owner turn on all lights, open doors and wear a mask.  We will wear gloves, a mask and booties or take our shoes off.  Safety and respect and customer care is what is important.    

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Only to often I get a call after a client has paid cash for a property.  Paying cash for a property does not require a bank appraisal to be done.  So, as a buyer you could be opening yourself up to some financial loses.  Caveat emptor is a latin term that means "let the buyer beware."  I have seen buyers that pay thousands of dollars more than they should.  I have also seen family members do the very same thing.  Select a experienced appraiser whenever paying cash and you will protect your investment. The same could be said about purchasing on a "land contract."    Contact Doug at AAA-Appraisal Co.   40 years of experience. 

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February 10th, 2020 12:02 PM
With over 40 years of experience I have seen family breakups especially when it comes to buying a relative's home.  Two important messages to keep the love going.  #1. Get the property appraised so you don't overpay!  Old appraisals are just that - old!   #2. Get an inspection done.  The typical inspection can cost you $350 - $500 but can save you thousands.  Knowing the value and condition of the home will prevent future family heartbreaks and bad misunderstandings.  Call AAA-Appraisal co.  40 years of helping families. 

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